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Table 1 Demographic parameters inferred with DIYABC

From: Genomic evidence of demographic fluctuations and lack of genetic structure across flyways in a long distance migrant, the European turtle dove

Parameters Mean Quantiles (0.025–0.975)
Late Pleistocene (t2) 78,300 37,100–99,300
Mid Holocene (t1) 7,600 3,600–9,920
Late Pleistocene Ne (N2) 84,400 53,800–122,000
Mid Holocene Ne (N1) 3,160,000 2,040,000–4,430,000
Present Ne (N3) 172,000 107,000–432,000
  1. Caption: Mean estimates and quantiles of the posterior distribution for the demographic parameters inferred for scenario four using DIYABC